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Fantan has been designing transformational processes for companies, NGO’s, and governments around the world since 2005. Our approach is informed by our ongoing, mindful study of systems thinking, including complex adaptive systems, ecosystem dynamics, and self-organising principles. Our work also employs aspects of neuroscience and behavioural psychology, complemented by philosophical viewpoints that date back to 300 BC. We bring all of these disciplines into a thoughtful, easy-to-employ framework, co-designed by some of the world’s leading systems thinkers and process designers.

Software (Social Technology)

We pull from these streams of thinking and craft a supporting framework to create what we call “social technology.” Our social technology allows diverse groups of leaders, thinkers, entrepreneurs, and innovators to rapidly accelerate their work. It allows groups to expand their context, exchange important information, problem-solve, and share intent in a collaborative and creative way.

Our systems and modelling language enable faster, more efficient parallel processing and rapid, iterative cycles of concept/product prototyping. We employ multiple forms of media, producing output from each round of work in the form of text, graphic visualizations, 3-D models, and storyboards.

Purpose Built Co-Design Environments

Our design spaces are created to draw the best from the people we work with by considering a neuroscience approach to mind-body health. Each Design Session, supported by this unique environment, allows participants to take their time and focus their energies on designing and creating their new state of play.

Our environments are purpose-built design spaces that can be reconfigured to support the work on a moment-to-moment basis. This makes collaboration easy and accelerates problem solving while developing work output that can transfer elegantly into an existing organisational structure.

Each carefully curated design environment provides a connection to the natural environment, access to knowledge, tools, techniques, and physical materials necessary for the work, including several forms of multimedia, selected to support collaboration and co-design.

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